A simple way to launch learning content from your favourite Authoring Tool and realize the power of xAPI.

Features of xapi launcher

Use xapilauncher to incorporate your favourite authoring tool

Connect to your LRS

Send data from your learning content to your LRS.

Learner Management

Assign content to learners and track progress.

Mobile Optimized Platform

Deliver your mobile learning content, from a mobile platform.

Zero Configuration

Just load your content and deploy to learners.

Get the benefits of xAPI

So you’ve built some great content in your xAPI enabled Authoring Tool and need to deliver it to learners

So how do you do it?

Simply publish your content as an xAPI package, switch on xapi launcher and upload your content.  You can then deploy to learners through the beautifully intuitive xapiapps interface.

Go Past eLearning Delivery

With your learning content in xapiapps, you can leverage a suite of apps to support and reinforce learning.  

From On-the-Job Coaching to Group Training, xapiapps has the tools to manage your complete digital learning program.

Launch Custom xAPI Packages

Build your own xAPI content packages and deploy them to learner’s using learning management features available in xapiapps.

Frequently Asked Questions

A closer look at the questions regarding xapitask

Not at all! xapilauncher can launch any xAPI package that has been put together according to our spec. Even custom packages!

No Problem, xapilauncher is simple to setup and get going. Drag and drop the correct package and away you go! If you have any issues, consult our documentation or contact us.

As xapilauncher is built right into our app suite, reports are available from your reports tab in the Learning Experience Builder. Also, if you are linked with an LRS, more detailed reports are available on your dashboard!

Get started with xapilauncher in minutes.

No cost or commitment.


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