“Seventy-nine percent of CEOs worldwide are concerned that a lack of essential skills in their workforce is threatening the future growth of their organization”

PWC - 18th June 2019 ​

Developing and maintaining skills is a priority for CEOs, yet organizations use unreliable methods to measure and manage skills.

Using a quiz score, attendance or course completion to determine if an employee has a skill is misleading. Self-reported skills and performance reviews can be equally unreliable.

Xapify enables organizations to build a competitive workforce through streamlined skills development and skills verification, providing executives with accurate insights into organizational skill composition, and enabling learning leaders to develop their workforce to meet business challenges.

The Xapify difference

Verifying the skills of frontline employees.​

Xapify unifies learning, skill development, and skills verification in one platform built for deskless workers.

Xapify is different from your LMS because:

  • Xapify focuses on the outcomes of training — demonstrable skills development that drives your business forward — not feel-good vanity metrics.

  • Xapify lets employees lead their skills development journey.  Skills are not rows in a spreadsheet. Skills are knowledge and behaviors demonstrated consistently in the work context.

  • Xapify is built for the unique needs of the deskless workforce. 80% of the global workforce learns new skills on their feet and on-the-job, and Xapify captures the application of skill in these fast-paced environments.

  • Go paperless. Xapify is an end-to-end digital workflow solution. No more paper checklists, excel files or cumbersome reporting

"With xapiapps, we record every training element we have: food safety, physical safety, and machine safety, even down to our forms. This allows us to create competency profiles for our workers so that we have a record of what skills each employee holds, and whether they have the skills required to safely complete their job."

Systems Manager -George Weston Foods


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