Connecting xapiapps to Learning Locker LRS with xAPI

Start in ‘xapiapps

Login to xapiapps.

In the sidebar, click System then xAPI

Click the “Learning Locker” logo.

(The logo will go green)

Scroll down and you’ll see a form:

xapiapps’ needs to know you’re learning locker xAPI Username and xAPI Password. (Then we can test the integration.)

So go to …


Get Your Learning Locker Details

Sign up with Learning Locker (if you haven’t already).

Each learning locker account let’s you run multiple LRSs.

To get started, click “Add LRS” in the side-menu:

Then follow the steps to create new a LRS.

The new LRS will be available from the menu in the top right:

Click your new LRS’s menu option.

Once your new LRS loads up, click the “xAPI details” option from the side-menu:


Some xAPI details should show up under “Accept xAPI Statements”

Look down to the “Basic HTTP Authentication” sub-heading.

Make a note of the username and password.

Complete the Integration

Go back to xapiapps. Fill in your Learning Locker Username and Password:

Click the blue “TEST” button.


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