xAPI has been answering the really big L&D questions. Does our training work? Can it be improved? Is there a better way? Using xAPI-based data and analytics to improve the effectiveness of training departments is a big deal.

But there is another reason to adopt xAPI.


With xAPI you don’t just get data and analytics, you also get a simple way to integrate disparate training and HR systems.

At xapiapps we’ve been working on a way to make the most of this.

We call it xAPI Bot, or xapibot in short.

xapibot ‘listens’ to your LRS. It waits for xAPI statements it can act on.

From those statements it it can:

  • Assign individuals training tasks e.g. coaching, observation checklists, elearning or adaptive learning experiences.
  • Create and modify users, assign users to groups.
  • Manage organization structures.

Sweet huh?

(Of course, any activity in xapiapps will send statements back to your Learning Record Store.)

How does xapibot work?

It’s super simple. xapiapps periodically asks your LRS for new xAPI statements. When it receives a statement it recognizes it and jumps into action – performing the related task.

xapibot statements can be generated by either the LRS or other third party systems.

Effectively,  xapibot turns your LRS into a learning automation platform.

Watch a practical example of xapibot below:


For more on xapibot, click here or sign up for a free trial. 

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