There are many things which make xapiapps different from the online content authoring tools and Learning Management Systems you have probably become accustomed to in typical digital learning spaces. We’d like to tell you about three (because that seems like a nice number).

1. Our system is built on xAPI.

This means we are able to gather xAPI statements about learners as well as supervisors, coaches, observers and others who may be involved in digital learning activities at your site.

What are xAPI statements? Well, they are a more sophisticated version of now ‘old school’ digital learning standards for reporting. Previously, you might have created simple online quizzes and multiple-choice questions which allowed you to receive reports of basic, 2-D data like ‘How many people passed this course?’, ‘Did Joe Bloggs pass this question?’ and maybe also ‘Which answers are partially correct?’ (if you were lucky!).

By using an idea based in grammar, xAPI statements offer a finer grain report. They do this by looking at the ‘actor’, ‘verb’ and ‘object’ of each item in a learning activity. For example, the sentence Joe Bloggs visited our fast food company induction home page (which wouldn’t have offered any data to gather in older versions of online learning tools), might now translate into an xAPI statement like this: Joe (actor), experienced (verb), and burger flipping induction home page (object).

Once you consider the potential of bespoke xAPI statements (available to our Enterprise customers), the ability to use these three components to capture a range of experiences and activities is rather exciting indeed.

2. Unlike the online learning you have come to expect, our platform has an ability to propagate a true blended learning ecosystem which incorporates on- and off-line activities.

It’s time to say goodbye to clunky online learning modules which operate as separate, standalone activities that interrupt normal training flows, and to say hello to a much smoother UX ride.

Like Sting, our platform can watch every move you make, whether online or off… Okay, we take that back because that sounds creepy. What we mean is this: the data story gathered by xapiapps is not limited to the online learning activities you create, because it can incorporate your offline training tasks, too.

Our very own Observation Checklist, Coaching Checklist, Self-Assessment and Group Training apps allow you to create IRL learning and training tasks from which data can be easily captured by xapiapps. This means you can both ensure that the full glory of your course is available to be captured as xAPI statements, and provide your learners with seamless transitions between on- and offline tasks.

So, how can you get a piece of this? Well, the good news is that every xapiapps account comes with these apps built in as standard, offering you an easy-to-use, highly portable training solution which is available at point of need and plugs your data directly into our cloud.

3. Time the delivery of follow-up activities and automate ‘intervention’ responses. 

Let’s imagine that you’ve just taught Joe a new burger flipping skill, and you’d like to check back in two weeks to make sure he still remembers what you’ve covered and is successfully applying it. Too easy – you can use ‘delays’ in our learning pathways to automate the timing of these follow-up tasks.

But, perhaps you are worried that Joe needs some extra support to master burger flipping? We have this covered, too. The use of ‘triggers’ within these apps can auto-assign intervention training pathways in response to this exact kind of real-time learner behaviour. Assigning Joe a supplementary course as part of your annual burger flipping auditing process has never been easier, and it brings you closer to tasty, tasty burgers that little bit sooner!


To find out more about xapiapps and all it can do for you, grab yourself a free demo account and take it for a test drive! We recommend you watch this video then have a go at using our Learning Experience Pathway Builder.

If you’d prefer more personal support with your project and how xapiapps can assist you in delivering data-driven training, please schedule a video call with one of our eager and friendly team members. 

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