The following walkthrough takes a look at the capabilities of the Skills Matrix in xapiapps.

For more on the xapiapps skills matrix and what it means for your compliance reporting, schedule a time to chat here.


“Let’s take a look at the new Skills Matrix in xapiapps.”

“The Skills Matrix is a visual representation of the skills, shown as badges, of any group in xapiapps.”

“Selected here is the learner group. The badge is Workplace Safety 101.”

“Here you can see all the people in the group, as well as who is competent and not-competent. It will also highlight whose qualification is expiring.”

“This is the skills matrix. As you can see, it allows you to identify skill gaps and completions at a glance.”

“For example, emily has completed all her training.”

“And Dan…”

“has not.”

“Click to view the skills status info.”

“Add the relevant pathway or award the badge manually to address the skills gaps from within the skills matrix.”

“The chart shows the sum of all awarded badges. Enabling you to identify trends and get to work.”

“Generate a CSV and export the data for more compliance reporting.” 

  For more on compliance reporting download the eBook below.

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