Perfecting Paramedic Patient Care with xapiapps

Few professions operate in an environment as high stakes as paramedics. Anxiety and stress levels are jacked. Life or death decisions made in split seconds. Performance is required under intense pressure. When lives are on the line, the need for effective and thorough training to fall back on couldn’t be greater.

Innovating Hospital Learning with xapiapps Mobile Training Technology

Learning never stops for nurses, physicians and hospital support staff. Despite years of study and regimented training, constant technological and therapeutic evolutions make medicine an ever-changing practice. In this environment, to keep pace medical professionals must embrace lifelong learning. According to Dreyfus and Dreyfus1, there are five stages of learning that professionals go through in

Medical Training: 7 Learning Technology Innovations to Watch in 2015

Healthcare Tech, labeled as the industry to watch in 2014 by Forbes, has seen exciting technologies emerge against the backdrop of legislative healthcare reform (see the Affordable Care Act). With medical technology companies focusing on creating products that deliver faster, cheaper and more effective patient care, a range of technologies are innovating the healthcare field;

Why xAPI for Healthcare Providers

 What is xAPI? xAPI, also known as Experience API or Tin Can xAPI, is a technology standardisation for learning technology. It’s essentially a ‘common language’ that lets learning platforms talk to one-another (share data). The premise behind the development of xAPI, is that learning occurs in more than just an LMS, and to manage that learning


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