Xapiapps Release Notes

These are the release notes for Xapiapps 1.8. This release will go live on June 14, 2020.

We’re Redefining Blended Learning + How You Can Measure It.

There are many things which make xapiapps different from the online content authoring tools and Learning Management Systems you have probably become accustomed to in typical digital learning spaces. We’d like to tell you about three (because that seems like a nice number).

xAPI Cohort: It’s where all the cool xAPI cats will be this Fall

Whether you xAPI like a boss or you’re still finding your feet in the digital e-learning ecosystem, come 2pm Eastern Standard Time on September 6, everyone’s going to want to be on the guest list for one VIP event: the xAPI Cohort.

VR and xAPI. How to Scale Beyond Prototypes.

VR and xAPI seem perfect for each other. Are they?

Why Do We Care About Observation So Much

Observation is one of the core functions built into xapiapps and we spend a lot of time thinking, talking and applying observational technology in our training solutions. What we don’t often do is stop to articulate why observation matters so much. The truth is that the pace with which old skills become obsolete and new

The Queen of Learning Data: An Interview with Myra Roldan

An Interview with Myra Roldan Instructional Designer at Amazon Technical Academy Instructional designers and learning theorists have a curious relationship with each other.

Learning Analytics: No More Mystery

Learning Analytics & Instructional Design As an Instructional Designer (ID), or anyone loosely connected to the L&D industry, it’s been just about impossible to avoid mention of “learning analytics”. You’re never too far from someone bringing it up during discussions of learning design, but usually without any explicit explanation of what learning analytics is .

Only New Skills will Ensure your LX Design Future

An Interview with Melissa Milloway Learning Imagineer at Amazon  The eLearning industry as a whole has a skills problem. That’s not to say that professionals in this field lack skills, but that it’s still unclear what the most important skills are, or even which roles should make up the typical eLearning professional.

The 5 Traits of Great LX Designers

The following is an excerpt from The LX Designer’s Handbook.


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