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Xapiapps helps companies train, develop, engage, and manage their frontline and non-desk workforce.

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Why Xapiapps?

Xapiapps is the learning experience platform for the mobile workforce, delivering adaptive learning in real time, using mobile tools for managing skills, coaching, self-assessments, observations and just-in-time, on-the-job elearning, videos and microlearning.

Process workers, frontline workers, service staff, retail associates, etc. can’t use desk-based LMS training on the job. Xapiapps has developed the LXP technology that delivers the coaching, demonstrations and observations to improve, meet and advance your business goals.

Xapiapps brings:

Beyond the LMS

Expanded Training Experiences for the Frontline

Skills and Competency Matrix Framework

Verify the competence of each employee using a framework purpose-built for frontline employees and their managers.

Skills Observations

Get real performance data on frontline performance with skills observations.  Use skills observations to assign additional training tasks and development.

Employee Driven Skills Verification

Empower employees to drive their own development by requesting skills verification from managers and qualified colleagues.

Supervisor Support

Give busy supervisors and managers the tools they need to onboard and train their team.  Build relationships, culture, and improve quality.

Automated Training Paths

Deliver the right training, to the right people triggered by performance or business needs.

Coaching, Buddy Training, and More

Coordinate the activities that develop great performance and culture. Build coaching and job shadowing into your training pathways. 

Digital Skills Matrix

Gain unprecedented visibility into skills adoption and field performance.

Make deskless delivery more logical and flexible, with more accurate data collection, wherever learning is happening.

Evidence Based Design = Continuous Performance Improvement.

Expand the Learning Experience at the Frontline

One place for your frontline staff to develop their skills in line with your organizations’ needs.

Powered by the modern learning standard,


Say goodbye to the tiresome limitations and lockin of your LMS

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